"Write to be understood, speak to be heard and read to grow." - Lawrence Clarke Powell

At Potters Gate and St. Andrews, we believe that every child can become passionate, fluent readers, inspired, creative writers and confident, expressive speakers.  

As a school community, we promote a strong love of teaching the English language through an exciting, language rich curriculum and continually take inspiration from the world around us. 

 imagine - express - create 


Reading Writing Spoken Language 

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how the teaching of english promotes our school values:


Our guided reading sessions develop team work skills; children are encouraged to work together through paired and’ tag’ reading. Children learn to listen carefully to each other read and collaborate to answer a wide range of questions about a text. Whole class writing enables the children to share their ideas with their teachers to create a piece that all children can be proud of. 


Across the schools, we study a wide range of current and diverse texts which have morals based on justice and fairness. We choose our stories from a wide range of genres to enable all children to have access to a variety of cultures and develop an understanding of how key events of the past have influenced society today.   


We develop strong, independent writers who through exposure to high-quality texts learn to express themselves through a wide range of genres including story writing, poetry, persuasive leaflets, newspaper articles and biographies. We believe that all children can be resilient in their approach to writing; through understanding the impact that editing and improving sessions can have on their work. 


We promote a positive culture of reading by trusting children to frequently visit our well-stocked library so they can independently choose a book to read in and out of school. In classrooms, children trust each other to give positive and constructive opinions on the pieces of writing they produce. During independent writing sessions, we have faith and confidence in our children to create narratives they are proud of and can share amongst their peers.