“The study of geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it’s about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.”  ~ President Barack Obama, 2012 National Geographic Be

 At Potters Gate and partner school, St Andrew's, we inspire our children to have a curiosity and fascination about our diverse world that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Our children will become Geographers that develop a knowledge and understanding of the natural and human world, their place within it and their critical role in it’s future.

Our Geography curriculum is enriched by our school values that develop and inspire our children’s spiritual, social, cultural and moral development.

  • We aim to equip our children with the geographical knowledge, skills and fieldwork that will enable them to understand how the Earth’s diverse natural and human features are resilient to be shaped, interconnected and through processes change over time. 
  • Our young geographers will understand the diversity of the people, places and natural resources of their school, the communities that they live in and the wider world. Through understanding similarities and differences this enrich their fellowship and foster mutual respect for different countries and their people. 
  • Through our linked Forest School and Generation Restoration curriculum (awarded ), our children experience the natural environment we live in and gain a sense of awe, wonder and respect for their world. This fosters a sense of justice and ensures that they are empowered to trust their own sense of self to become the caretakers of their world and positively impact its people and places. 

“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there. Go and discover it.” ~ Gandalf to Bilbo in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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