At Potters Gate and partner school, St Andrew's, we strive to equip children with the life skills of physical literacy. Active lifestyles at school will foster and help children achieve active lifestyles as adults.

Action Plan and Evidence Report 2023-24 

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at potters gate we demonstrate our school values through physical education


At Potters Gate, we ensure our pupils have a safe space to develop a positive growth mindset, believe in their abilities, follow their sporting goals and overcome any challenges. 


We aim for each pupil to gain a positive understanding of fair play and sportsmanship. We encourage them to respond well to instructions, listen to advice and support one another in their learning 


At Potters Gate, we trust our pupils to take responsibility in lessons, look after equipment and treat each other fairly. We ensure each lesson is inclusive in order to create an environment whereby everyone feels respected and valued. 


Collaboration, communication and encouragement underpin our physical education lessons at Potters Gate. Through team activities, individual sports and shared sporting experiences, we aim to foster a sense of fellowship and togetherness among our pupils.